The Evolution of POS

- Oct 24, 2017-

The Evolution of POS

Retail POS management has come a long way.From the traditional POS to a system, the solution based on Web and mobile.The traditional computerized point-of-sale began in the early 1970 s, became affordable and is commonly used in the early 1990 s.

The traditional solution is on the fixed position of computer, computer is usually run on the computer local installation POS software for Windows or Mac, referred to as peripheral equipment dedicated hardware, such as bar code scanner, cash box, credit card reader and receipt printer connected to a computer.Until the 1990 s, background computer system and the front desk system did not link, need to synchronize data every day to show the whole store image.In the early 2000 s, hardware, software and peripherals bundled together of integration system is available.Back end system networking and sharing information, often despite multiple stores data are often synchronization, and does not exist in all stores.

The computer has a fixed position and integrated systems solutions work well in such as a grocery store or a grocery store place, space is not the problem, and the customer has specified settlement points.Today, because of the cloud computing, mobile point of sale system and the system based on network have become very popular.These solutions can significantly enhance the customer experience, because the customer can be from anywhere in the customer service, and allow staff to answer questions, without leaving the customer or move it to the fixed computer terminals.

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