The Evolution history of POS Systems

- Mar 14, 2019-

  Basic Pos machine: can not be networked, but can manage multiple parts, store a variety of goods, and low cost, but the product can not meet the needs of users.

  Networked pos terminal: After the cash registers are launched in the market, they can be used not only for stand-alone operation but also for networking. It is suitable for chain stores, not only for managing multiple departments, but also for other points in the head office according to the network. The company's sales, but also can be simple external equipment, such as: printers, scanners, etc., the product will soon be received by users. However, such cash registers have become increasingly narrower in applicability over a long period of time.

  The functional requirements of Pos system used by all walks of life are different, which requires different operating systems, and the first two types of electronic cash registers obviously cannot better meet the market demand. So engineers have introduced a third type of cash register product, which is now commonly referred to as a POS cash register.

  POS cash register machine: The hardware used in this product is a basic accessory common to computers. It can be connected not only to the Internet, but also to different cash register system software according to different industries. It can be connected to a variety of networks and has a wide range of environments. The interference ability is strong, and the software system can be designed according to the needs of the user.

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