The embodiment of tablet PC in information collection

- Apr 18, 2019-

Nowadays, in the era of rapid information development, both enterprises and government administration agencies use records and registration of customer information and the nature of customer sources. Before, everyone will use paper information registration. If too much information is collected, it will lead to information confusion or loss, which will also bring inconvenience to later statistics. The following Jiawei video Xiaobian and you discuss together, how to achieve efficient industrial tablet.

1. At present, a considerable number of enterprises have introduced traditional tracking management systems, which can manually input or import information tracking results and perform statistical analysis. However, most tracking systems currently fail to solve personnel data collection. problem.

2. After the paper file is recorded, it needs to be imported or entered once in the data entry interface, which increases the workload, and will inevitably produce errors, which will seriously waste valuable time and data accuracy. If you encounter unqualified inspection items, you need to retain evidence. You need to take a camera to take a photo, and manually record the correspondence between the photo and the unqualified items. Upload the photos in sequence when you enter them. The operation is quite cumbersome and affects the progress.

3. The traditional tracking system lacks the data collection terminal. In the process of data collection, the paper record file is still indispensable. In summary, all the problems are manifested in the complaint. As long as the industrial Android tablet terminal is involved in various problems, it can be solved. In the paper age, we are moving towards the era of intelligent automation technology.

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