The embodiment of Android one machine in the bank self-service terminal

- Apr 12, 2019-

With the advancement and development of society, the value-added services provided by the service industry are constantly increasing. Many bank self-service terminals can be connected with third-party systems to complete functions such as paying water and electricity charges and telecommunications charges, which greatly facilitates the needs of the masses. Bank self-service terminals effectively extend the time of banking services. Banks are generally fixed. During the working hours, when the bank outlets are off duty, the Android one-machine self-service terminal can effectively extend the business hours and provide effective financial services to the customer service.

The number of self-service terminal equipment is increasing, and the market for self-service terminal equipment services is also expanding, and a service industry will be formed in the future. All IT service providers only have to take the road of specialized services, standardization of services, service efficiency and the fundamental guarantee of service quality. Only standardized service processes, quality control and service management can guarantee service efficiency and quality. The ultimate goal of self-service terminal equipment service is to achieve a win-win situation for service providers and banks. It is impossible for any party to win a single win. Therefore, to achieve this ultimate goal, both service providers and banks will take the road of large-scale development. With the scale of services and the development of services, banks can develop personal financial services.

The bank self-service Android one is small in size, low in power consumption, powerful in performance, powerful in budget, rich in interface, and capable of multiple image and sound output capabilities. It has good dustproof, heat dissipation, shock and interference capabilities. Effectively realize self-service access and embedded installation, which fully improves the overall aesthetics, saves space on the site, and greatly improves the efficiency of bank operations.

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