The Effect pf Working Temperature for Touch Screen Display

- Jun 10, 2019-

   The working principle of the capacitive screen is to use the contact sensor to generate an induced voltage on the conductor on the screen, thereby generating a relative current, and measuring the touch point by the distance. In the case of low temperature, the surface of the hand has a low water vapor content, and the dry and cold skin has poor conductivity. At the same time, when the ambient temperature is low, the performance of the sensor will also be affected, and the industrial display cannot recognize the touch position well and cause the touch screen to malfunction. The operating temperature of the touch screen is usually between -5 ° C and 60 ° C, especially in the winter, and the impact is more obvious in the northern region.


   Resistive touch screens are less affected. On the one hand, the different processes used, the micro-circuit on the touch screen is connected to the work, which is weakly affected by the temperature. On the other hand, the process level of the resistive screen is relatively mature, and the materials used are all tested and inherited. The temperature of the resistive screen is between -20 ° C and 65 ° C, which can satisfy most environments.

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