The difference of Thermal and Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer

- Jun 18, 2019-

    Barcode label printers are good for thermal or carbon ribbons. Which one is more economical and has a longer service life?

   First look at the difference between ribbon printing and thermal printing.

Barcode printers can be printed in two ways. One is to print directly through the barcode printer through the thermal sticker paper, and the other is to transfer directly to the sticker paper through the ribbon. Both of these methods are beneficial, one can save the ribbon (but if the thermal printing method is used, and the print volume is large, it will affect the life of the print head), and the other will print through the carbon belt. The toilet can extend the life of the printhead and meet the customer's need for self-adhesive label printing on all materials.

   Each method uses a thermal printhead to heat the print surface. Thermal transfer prints a durable, long-lasting pattern on a variety of materials by heating the ribbon. Thermal printing does not use ribbon, but prints the pattern directly on the label material.

The thermal storage time is short. When the temperature is high or normal, the yellowing difference will be lost. The advantage of heat is that no ribbon is needed. It is convenient to install and print to save printer space. The writing is easy to play out, and it won't fold.

    Thermal transfer printer is also the use of carbon ribbon, and the storage time is longer, especially when using mixed-base or resin-based printing, special carbon ribbon can also be used to resist harsh environments such as high temperature and low temperature, and the other is to protect the ribbon. The head can effectively extend the life of the print head~ but the overall cost is more than the thermal type.

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