The difference of RFID & NFC

- Mar 13, 2018-

The difference of RFID & NFC

  NFC technology was originated in RFID, but they are some differences compared with RFID. Mainly include as follows:

Operating frequency

   The operating frequency of NFC is 13.56MHz, while the working frequency of RFID has low frequency, high frequency (13.56MHz) and ultra-high frequency.

Working distance

  The working distance of NFC is the oretically 0 to 20 cm. However, the working distance of the product is only 0 to 10 cm, after using the special power suppression technology, to ensure the security of the business. As RFID has different frequency, its working distance ranges has a few centi meters to tens meters.

3. Working mode

  NFC supports both read and write mode. In RFID, card readers and contactless cards are two separate entities,  cannot be switched.

Point-to-point communication

  NFC supports P2P mode, but RFID does not.

5. Application area

  RFID is more used in production, logistics, tracking and asset management, while NFC is used in access control, bus cards, and mobile payment.

6. Standard agreement

  The NFC underlying communication protocol is compatible with high-frequency RFID within the underlying communication standard, that is say, compatible with the ISO14443/ISO15693 standard. NFC technology also defines relatively complete upper layer protocols such as LLCP, NDEF and RTD.

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