What are the advantages of smart IC cards and magnetic strip cards

- Apr 19, 2018-

Magnetic stripe card has simple structure, small storage capacity, poor security and confidentiality, complicated reading and writing equipment and high maintenance cost. As a product of the technical level in the 1970s and 1980s, it has no longer been seen, and will soon be eliminated.


Compared with the magnetic card, the contact type IC card is more secure and reliable. In addition to the large storage capacity, it can also be used for one card. The reliability is higher than that of the magnetic card and the service life is long. The reading and writing mechanism is simpler and more reliable than the magnetic card reading and writing mechanism, and the cost is cheaper and maintenance. Convenient and easy to promote. Due to the above advantages, the contact IC card market is spread all over the world and is very popular. However, the current touch-sensitive IC card is facing the strong challenge of the late-stage contactless IC card. Compared with the traditional contact IC card, the non-contact IC card inherits the advantages of the contact IC card, such as large capacity, high security, etc., and overcomes the shortcomings that the contact type cannot avoid, such as reading. The write failure rate is high, due to the exposure of the contacts, pollution, damage, wear, static electricity and the inconvenient reading and writing process of the card. The non-contact IC card is completely sealed and has no contact working mode, so that it is not affected by external adverse factors, so the service life is completely close to the natural life of the IC chip, so the frequency and duration of the card itself and the convenience of operation Both are much higher than contact IC cards. It can be seen that the non-contact IC card not only represents the crystallization of the development of card technology for many years, but also represents a milestone in the application of the card to a new stage. At the same time, the birth of the non-contact IC card international standard ISO14443 will make it compatible with contact IC cards, thus bringing endless potential to non-contact IC cards. Undoubtedly, the non-contact IC card of Dacheng will be the leader in many fields such as identity, finance, electronic money, public transportation, intelligent buildings, residential property and social security.

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