The Feature of IC card and ID Card

- May 14, 2019-

   The English name of the IC card is the Integrated Circuit Card. In fact, it has many names, such as a smart card, an intelligent card, a microcircuit card, or a microchip card. The IC card adopts the card base of the ISO 7816 standard, and the microelectronic chip is embedded in the card base to make cards of various card forms. Each of us is using an IC card, because the second-generation ID card, mobile phone SIM card, etc. are all IC cards. According to the communication method, the IC card can be divided into a contact type IC card, a non-contact type IC card (the parking lot is used more), and a dual interface card (which is compatible with both contact and non-contact). 

  The English name of the ID card is the Integrated Circuit Card, and the full name is the identification card. The ID card can not be written,It has a fixed ID number, mainly including the EM format of Taiwan SYRIS and the ID card of the US HIDMOTOROLA format. The ID card is called "inductive magnetic card" is very image, because it is the same as the magnetic card, only the card number, there is no security function, it is more than the magnetic card can be sensitive to swipe, the Bluetooth card is an ID card. The standard ID card length and width specifications are: 85.6x54x0.80±0.04mm, in addition to the standard card, the ID card also has a thick card (thickness > 0.9mm), a special-shaped card (different shapes).

  Now let's summarize them. Both the IC card and the ID card belong to the smart card and are all built-in chips. The difference between them is that the IC card has a close reading distance with respect to the ID card, but the IC card is readable and writable, has a large storage capacity, has an encryption function, and is safe, and is suitable for use in a card system. ID card reading distance is far, only fixed number, can not be written, no encryption function, poor security, generally used in ordinary access control system and simple parking system.

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