The Difference of barcode reader Scanner and Mobile Scan

- Jan 09, 2019-

  The barcode scanner has a dedicated barcode scanning engine that scans and decodes the barcode QR code "target="_blank">QR code. The mobile phone scans the QR code/1D bar code by relying on the camera to capture pictures, the built-in software is parsed and outputted twice, and the mobile phone is a multi-functional application. Scanning code is only one of them.

   QR code scanning What is the difference between a professional barcode scanner and a mobile phone?

   Second, the difference in decoding

   Professional barcode Reader are "hard decoding", with dedicated decoder chips and cameras in them, and decoding speeds are calculated in milliseconds.

  The mobile phone scanning QR code is built-in decoding software for decoding the captured photos in the output, decoding success rate, support bar code type, completely look at the decoding software calculation method and how to deploy the mobile phone hardware, the time used in this process is definitely far Far more than professional barcode scanning equipment, mobile phone scanning barcode QR code we commonly known as "soft decoding."

  Third, the difference in operating methods

   The aiming mode of the bar code scanner is called external aiming. When the button switch is activated, there will be a line of sight (box, center point, etc.) to help you align the bar code.

   The mobile phone has to position the bar code on the screen, which is slow and inconvenient to operate, and the work efficiency is greatly reduced.

Fourth, the difference between communication protocols

   The scanner basically supports USB port, RS232 serial port, and network port communication. Basically all application software that uses the scanner uses these communication protocols, and the decoding result is directly output to the application software. Such as supermarket cashier, manufacturer traceability system, logistics warehousing system, and storage system.

  The result of the mobile phone scan is only displayed on your mobile phone screen, or can only communicate with the APP on your mobile phone. In order to communicate with the PC or other devices, the amount of work done in the middle is too large, and it is not laborious. Please.

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