The difference of 58mm and 80mm thermal receipt printer

- Jun 06, 2019-

Thermal printers do not require ink refilling. They are printed by thermal print hair thermal components, it can only print black, but thermal printing paper costs are very low. 80 and 58 type are the most common in thermal printers. But for many newbies and just getting started, I still don't know how to choose 80mm and 50mm direct thermal printers. What is the difference?


First, what are the differences?

Difference 1, the paper output width is not the same, that is to say, the printer's consumable specifications are different, 58 and 80 respectively represent the paper output width of the thermal printer. From the appearance of the printer, the size of the 80mm thermal printer is slightly larger than 58mm thermal printer.


The difference 2, thermal paper supplies cost price is not the same, print small ticket / ticket can not be separated from the printing paper, 58 thermal printer is loaded with 58mm width paper, 80mm model is loaded with 80mm width paper .


The difference between 3, thermal receipt equipment cost is not the same, they are not the same, generally 80mm printer is higher than 58 thermal printer.


80mm pos printer: The advantage is that the printed ticket is atmospheric, the font is large, the gear is worn and the printer has a long service life; the disadvantage is the high cost of equipment and the cost of printer consumables.

58mm pos printer: The advantage is that the printer is small in size, easy to use, clear in printing, does not occupy position, and the cost of the printer and the cost of printing the small ticket paper are small.

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