The Difference of 2.4G & 5Ghz Wifi

- Apr 22, 2019-

  The lower the frequency, the better the wall penetration. The higher the frequency, the faster the speed. At present, there are more people using 2.4G, plus the WIFI signal of CMCC, the interference is more serious! 5G is currently relatively small and basically has no interference.

2.4GWiFi is the wireless frequency of 2.4Ghz~2.5GHz. The standard bandwidth is 20MHz and the extended bandwidth is 40MHz.

5G WiFi is the 4.9GHz~5.9GHz radio frequency. The bandwidth can be increased to 40MHz or even 80MHz or higher, the transmission speed can be increased up to 1Gbps, and about 125MB of content can be transmitted per second.



The advantage is that the anti-attenuation ability in the indoor environment of the frequency band is strong, and the wall penetration ability is good.

The disadvantage is that many devices use 2.4GHz, such as Bluetooth, zigbee wireless, so there is a lot of interference, and can not guarantee sufficient stability.



The advantage is strong anti-interference ability, can provide more bandwidth, high throughput and strong scalability.

The disadvantage is that 5G is only suitable for indoor small-scale coverage and outdoor bridges, and the attenuation effect of various obstacles is much larger than 2.4g.


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