The difference between thermal and thermal transfer of barcode printer

- May 09, 2018-

The difference between thermal and thermal transfer of barcode printers


Different supplies:

Supplies for thermal machines: Thermal paper, thermal printers can only use special thermal paper, and thermal paper is coated with a layer of coating that changes color when exposed to heat, similar to photographic film. However, this layer of coating is discolored when exposed to heat. This feature of the heat-sensitive coating has led to the development of thermal printing technology.

Supplies used in thermal transfer barcode printers: label paper, PET, PVC, wash labels, hangtags, and other label media, as well as thermal paper printing.




Different shelf life:

Label paper shelf life: The media printed by the thermal printer does not last long, generally half a year!

The media printed by the thermal transfer machine has a longer shelf life, generally more than two years (depending on the quality of the label and ribbon used)




Different application scope:

Applicable place: Thermal machine: supermarkets, clothing stores, logistics, retail and other companies that do not require high bar code;

Thermal transfer machines: manufacturing, automotive, textile, telecommunications, food, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, utilities, retail distribution, transportation and logistics, government agencies and etc.




Different cost levels:

Cost comparison: The cost of thermal machines is lower and supplies are lower.  The costs and supplies costs of the thermal transfer machine are higher than the cost of thermal machines.

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