The difference between serial and USB Barcode Readers

- Jul 19, 2019-

     First, let's talk about its advantages and disadvantages. The serial port scanner needs an external power supply. Need to add a power interface, the appearance is a bit ugly, but also that it does not use the computer's power supply, voltage stability is guaranteed. If there are some scanners with high voltage requirements, after the scanner port of the keyboard port and the USB port is connected and used, the load will be too large, and the voltage will drop, resulting in failure to use normally. The following describes the difference between the three types of interface scanners in five aspects.


   1. Power supply: The serial port scanner has an external power supply. For example, the internal power supply can be modified. The keyboard and USB scanner do not need external power. The advantages and disadvantages of the external power supply have also been mentioned above.


   2, scanning length: the former can reach the scanning length of 60 meters, the latter two can not, the keyboard mouth scanner is 1.5-5 meters, USB is 1.5 meters to 3 meters.


   3. Scope of application: The range of serial scanners is very wide, including PC, POS, industrial computer, terminal, data terminal and many other applications. Other applications are not so much.


   4, the driver: the driver required for the serial scanner, USB is Windows support and Windows built-in. The keyboard port type donot need.


   5, The input speed, the former is relatively fast, the latter two are relatively slow.

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