The difference between Resistive touch screen and the Capacitive touch screen

- Sep 27, 2017-

The difference between Resistive touch screen and the Capacitive touch screen


Resistive touch screen: Resistive panel is operated by clicking on the press. It means that the screen feels the pressure of your finger or stylus and then accepts the operation. It needs something put pressure on the screen body, and then it will generate a current to generate a touch.

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Capacitive touch screen: capacitive screen is reled on electrostatic induction to operate, that isto say that the screen feel your fingers static, and then accept the operation. Capacitive touch screen has very sensitive touch, do not need press the screen and support multi-touch. But it can only workes with the fingers touch, the relative accuracy is not very high.


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In general, the touch resistance screen can be more precise positioning, you can operate through the fingers or stylus or other operations, but can only operate the Capacitive touch screen by a static finger.


The difference between the two touch screen is that the Capacitive touch screen do not need  a stylus, but with a finger. And the touch resistance screen must rely on a stylus or other sharp items to complete the operation. For example, when you get the phone, take your nails or hard objects to touch the screen, as long as you can operate that is must be the touch resistance screen, Otherwise it is the Capacitive touch screen.


In a word, the capacitive screen does not require very much pressure to achieve the operation, Meanwhile it has the advantages like fast response time, more sensitive touch and easy to operate . Resistive touch screen requires pressure to achieve the operation and the response speed is slightly slower, the sensitivity is slightly worse, and the operation is not as comfortable as the Capacitive touch screen.

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