The difference between RAM and ROM

- Oct 26, 2018-


RAM (random access memory) is a random storage memory. This memory will lose its storage contents when it is powered off, so it is mainly used to store programs for short-term use. Read-Only Memory (ROM) is a solid-state semiconductor memory that can only read data stored in advance.


The RAM and ROM in the mobile phone correspond to the computer's memory and hard disk respectively. The memory is responsible for the running of the program and the data exchange. With it, the software in the computer can run and has a process; and the hard disk is a storage space, you can store each A variety of files, including videos, photos, music, software, and more.

Mobile phone RAM

The RAM and ROM in the mobile phone are similar to those of the computer. Since RAM is called random access memory, that is, running memory, it supports the operation of the mobile phone software, and stores the data exchange after the mobile phone software is running. That is, RAM determines how many background programs your phone can open. Of course, the larger the RAM, the faster the phone will run. Once the phone is turned off, the data in the RAM is lost and will not be restored after booting.

Mobile phone ROM

ROM is called read-only memory, that is, it can only be read and can not be written at will, that is, it can only read the data inside, but can not modify and delete the data inside, just like the Android system root can not modify the system file before, this It's all a truth. But why can we store photos in it? In fact, the concept of ROM now includes the concept of "writing" (deleting, modifying files), especially in Android. So the ROM contains some of the space occupied by the mobile phone system, the rest of the space you can use to store your videos, photos, music, etc., and can be deleted and modified at will.

Mobile phone RAM and ROM

In the Android phone, the ROM contains the Android system, mobile software, user files (photos, videos, etc.). The file stored by the user only occupies the ROM space and does not affect the RAM space. Secondly, the impact of the size of the ROM space on the speed of the system is minimal; the most important factor affecting the speed of the mobile phone is RAM.

to sum up

Having said that, I don't know if everyone has the difference between RAM and ROM. In short, in simple terms, RAM determines how many applications (including the foreground and background) your phone can run at the same time; and ROM determines how much video, music, software, etc. your phone can store.

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