The difference between POS cash register and electronic cash register

- Nov 19, 2020-

The difference between POS cash register and electronic cash register

The POS cash register is composed of six parts: chassis + keyboard + customer display + printer + display + cash drawer

       The POS cash register system is a charging system. Generally, cash registers such as supermarkets and restaurants use this system. Unlike the Windows system, it is an application software. It is specifically for commercial retail enterprises and manufacturing enterprises integrating industry and trade. It supports that all POS cash registers of retail commercial enterprises can be connected to ordinary computers, but the computer must be installed with the same management software as POS cash registers.

       The external hardware operation of cash register and POS machine is similar. It depends on the cash register software you use. Some are simple invoicing software. Like some electronic cash registers used in supermarkets, this operation is relatively simple. For commercial POS machines, the general software functions are relatively strong. Not only the functions of the electronic cash register are included, but there are also functions such as inventory, inventory, purchase, shipment, report, and return, which are relatively detailed.

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