The difference between Linux and Windows OS

- Apr 10, 2018-

The difference between Linux and Windows OS

Like Linux, the Windows series is a complete multitasking operating system. They support the same user interface, network, and security. However, the real difference between Linux and Windows is that Linux is actually a version of Unix, and the contribution from Unix is huge. What makes Unix so important? Not only for multi-user machines, Unix is the most popular operating system, but because it is the foundation of free software.

On the Internet, a large amount of free software is written for Unix systems. Because there are many Unix vendors, there are many implementation methods of Unix. There is no single organization responsible for the distribution of Unix. Now, there is a huge force that pushes the Unix community toward standardization in the form of an open system.

On the other hand, the Windows series is a dedicated system whose interfcae and design controlled by the company who developed the operation system. In this sense, the company’s profits are high because it sets strict standards for programming and user interface design, and is completely different from those of open systems societies. Some organizations are trying to complete the task of standardizing Unix programming interfaces.

In particular, Linux is fully compatible with the POSIX.1 standard.

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