The difference between industrial displays and ordinary LCD monitors①

- Oct 22, 2018-

Image definition

LCD has the function of directly reflecting the image quality, and all 1920 * 1080 resolution for the selection of display equipment in the field of broadcasting and television, LCD is the preferred display, professional display resolution is automatically adjusted according to the display output resolution (regardless of vertical and horizontal can support); its high reliability And high-definition display capabilities will ensure that you can edit the record of high-definition audio and video signals are fully displayed in front of the viewer.

On the contrary, LCD TV only supports several commonly used TV resolutions. Because there are only a few resolutions of civil TV signals, the special resolution of LCD will lead to flower screen as long as the effect is processed according to several common resolutions used by civil users.

Two. Stability of the whole machine (including use time, anti-interference, etc.)

In the construction of closed-circuit monitoring systems, monitors usually need 24 hours a day, 365 days a year continuous uninterrupted power use (and television usually only a few hours a day), and some monitors may be used in a harsh environment, which requires higher reliability and stability of the display. Compared with TV sets, the display's current, power consumption, temperature and resistance to electrical interference, electric shock capability and margin, and average trouble-free use time are far greater than TV sets in design. At the same time, the display must also use a fully shielded metal shell to ensure electromagnetic compatibility and interference performance. The characteristics of the components used in the display, such as voltage, current, temperature, humidity and so on, are higher than those used in the TV. The requirements of the display are higher in the installation, debugging, especially in the components and the aging process of the whole machine. The aging of the whole machine in the production of the TV is usually 8 small on the assembly line at room temperature. At about 24 hours, the aging of the whole display needs to be on the aging pipeline of high temperature, high humidity and close-loop environment for more than 24 hours to ensure the stability of the whole machine.

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