The difference between IC card and magnetic stripe card

- Apr 26, 2018-

The difference between IC card and magnetic stripe card


The appearance of the IC card is similar to the magnetic stripe card. The difference between IC card and the magnetic stripe card is the difference of the data storage medium . The magnetic stripe card stores information by changing the magnetic field of the magnetic stripe on the card. The IC card stores data information through the EEPROM.


IC card advantages:

1. large storage capacity. The magnetic stripe card has a storage capacity of about 200 alphanumeric characters; the storage capacity of the IC card varies depending on the model, a small number of hundreds of characters, and a large number of millions of characters.

2. The security is good. The information on the IC card can be read, modified, erased, but it requires a password.

3. CPU cards have data processing capabilities. When data exchange is performed with the card reader, the data can be encrypted and decrypted to ensure that the exchanged data is accurate and reliable; while the magnetic stripe card has no such function.

4. long service life. More secure.

 IC card.png

Magnetic stripe card advantages:

1 Cheaper

2 easy to read and write

3 easy to promote

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