The difference between DP interface and HDMI interface

- Apr 09, 2020-

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Some customers will ask how is the difference for HDMI port and DP port, when we check with them about the I/O port, Now let me do a brief introduction for them.


1. Different technical support:


AMD multi-screen stitching technology must have a DisplayPort interface. Users need to connect to the display device supporting this interface through the DisplayPort data cable to become the main display of the three-screen splicing display, and must be directly connected by the DisplayPort interface, and cannot undergo any form of conversion.


2. Different bandwidth support:


The current HDMI 1.3 interface can support about 10.2Gbps bandwidth signal transmission, while the DisplayPort interface can transmit 10.8Gbps bandwidth signal, the advantage is obvious. With the advantage of ultra-high bandwidth, DisplayPort can easily support ultra-high resolution displays like 2560 × 1600.


3. Differences in production costs of manufacturers:


The DP interface technology is free. The latest DisplayPort interface is not like the HDMI interface. It needs to pay a certain amount of membership fees every year, and it does not have to pay every product that contains the HDMI interface like the HDMI interface. It is completely free in the true sense. Royalty. Therefore, the DisplayPort interface has been strongly supported by many well-known international manufacturers.

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