The difference between a two-dimensional scanner and a one-dimensional scanner

- May 20, 2019-

What is the difference between a 2D scanner and a 1D scanner? To figure out the difference between the two, first of all, we need to have a simple understanding of the barcode. The one-dimensional bar code is composed of vertical black bars and white bars, black and white, and the thickness of the stripes is different. Usually, there are English letters or Arabic numerals under the stripes. The one-dimensional bar code can identify the basic information of the product, such as the product name and price. Etc. But it does not provide more detailed information on the product. To call for more information, further cooperation with the computer database is required. Therefore, the one-dimensional barcode scanner at this time can only scan one-dimensional barcodes.

With the development of social economy and the progress of the information age, one-dimensional bar codes can no longer meet people's needs, so two-dimensional bar codes appear. It is usually a square structure, not only consists of horizontal and vertical bar codes, but also has a polygonal pattern in the code area. Similarly, the texture of the two-dimensional code is also black and white, different in thickness and in a lattice form.

What is the function of 2D barcodes? Compared with 1D barcodes, QR codes not only have different recognition functions, but also display more detailed product contents. For example, clothes can not only display the name and price of the clothes, but also what materials are used, the percentage of each material, the size of the clothes, the size of the person, and some washing precautions, without the need for a computer database. ,easy and convenient. In order to adapt to the new requirements, a two-dimensional barcode scanner was developed on the basis of a one-dimensional scanner, so the two-dimensional barcode scanner can scan both the one-dimensional barcode and the two-dimensional barcode.

So in summary, the main difference between the two is that the one-dimensional barcode scanner can only scan one-dimensional barcodes, but not two-dimensional barcodes, while the two-dimensional barcode scanner can scan one-dimensional barcodes and scan two. Dimensional barcode. Both are bar code devices developed in the context of social needs.

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