The Dfference Between Single Screen And Dual Screen Of a Cash Register

- May 15, 2019-

The third generation of intelligent cash register on the market has a single screen and two screens. Users can choose single screen or dual screen according to their own needs. Many users are not very clear, what is the difference between a single-screen dual-screen cash register, let us check out.

The single-screen cash register is most common. A main screen cash register adds a customer display, and the customer display screen displays the actual amount and the change amount. The dual-screen cash register refers to two screens of the same size. The main screen is usually 15 inches, the main screen is normally used for cash collection, and the secondary screen is used to play some promotional content, such as some activity information in the store, product information, if If the store has a high daily flow rate, it can be rented to others as an advertising location to earn money.

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