The development of magnetic card reader

- Aug 20, 2018-

The original design of the card reader was to match the digital camera. At present, the use of the card reader is no longer limited to digital cameras, but has been extended to a wider field. In the early days, when people used digital cameras, they often needed to copy the data from the camera to the hard disk. However, the interface was not very popular at that time. Usually, the output port of the camera was connected to the serial port of the computer, and the serial port transmitted data at a very low speed. It takes a lot of time, so a card reader is created to compensate for this defect. With the rapid development of mobile phones, video cameras, and other digital products, the development of card readers has been greatly promoted. At present, the application of the card reader is also very extensive. It is not only applied in the education field and the medical system, but also can be applied to other industries such as driving school system, membership system, self-service terminal, etc. through secondary development, making full use of the card reader. Self-service features.

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