The development and characteristics of POS System

- Jun 14, 2018-

  The development and characteristics of POS System

The POS cash register has evolved from the first generation of cash registers, the second generation of cash registers (ECR cash registers), to the now fully functional third generation cash registers. The third-generation pos system has an open system that can be applied to a variety of platforms and application software, and can also be connected to a variety of peripherals. It can also use IC cards, bank card authorization terminals, stand-alone or networked, and can also connect to the Internet. With the continuous and rapid development of the POS industry, various POS cash register systems with high performance are recognized by the merchants. In addition to the fierce competition, the role of the information system in the competition has been significantly improved for these malls, and the demand for POS cash registers has increased. It also increased significantly. The adoption of the POS cash register system has greatly reduced the working strength of the cashiers and improved the efficiency of cashiering, and also provided consumers with more speed and convenience.

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Touch Pos system has several characteristics in application:

First, it takes a long time, many times, and high frequency, which requires a high stability of the cash register, can not often malfunction;

second, the environment is poor, and the hardware is required to have low environmental sensitivity. , There is a wide range of environmental standards;

Third, there are many people, it is prone to collision and vibration. Some shopping malls do not have air-conditioning, summer temperatures are high, and sometimes people have a lot of collisions and vibrations.

Therefore, the cash register must have the characteristics of shockproof and high temperature resistance.

Our Pos machine all adopts industrial-grade POS motherboard, 6-layer circuit board, excellent materials, and the selected closed-type inductor has less interference and longer life of all-solid capacitor. Each motherboard has passed seven tests including ICT, FUNTION, MANU, temperature, vibration, security, and interference to ensure that the pos cash register meets the challenge of high load for a long time.

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