The Definition of USB Powered Monitor

- Apr 30, 2019-


   The USB display is a USB external device. Unlike a normal display that requires a link between a power cable and a VGA cable, the USB monitor requires only one USB cable and a computer link to work. Similar to a common camera, the power and graphics signals required for its operation are transmitted by the USB cable.

 Pole display

   In the past, the power of LCD monitors was around 40W. No matter what kind of data interface on the computer can not meet such high power consumption requirements (using USB2.0 with power output function as an example, the maximum output power of a single port is 2.5W, away from 40W. Still a lot worse). Therefore, if you want to use the USB data cable to power the display, the power consumption of the display itself will be low, and the power supply capability of the data line interface will be raised. The high-efficiency LED backlight module realized by the brightness enhancement film and the USB 3.0 capable of carrying higher power make the USB power supply display become a reality.

USB powered Monitor

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