The Definition of PDF Bar Code

- Dec 24, 2018-

   PDF417 barcode is a high-density, high-information portable data file. It is an ideal means for automatic storage, carrying and automatic reading of large-capacity and high-reliability information such as documents and cards.

  What are its characteristics?

1. Large information capacity

  It can hold 250 to 1100 characters per square inch depending on the width of the strip. In the effective area of the international standard card (equivalent to 2/3 of the credit card area, about 76mm*25mm), the PDF417 barcode can hold 1848 alphabetic characters or 2729 numeric characters, about 500 Chinese characters. This two-dimensional barcode is several times more powerful than ordinary barcode information.

2. Wide range of coding

  The PDF417 barcode encodes digitally identifiable information such as photos, fingerprints, palm prints, signatures, sounds, and text.

3. Confidential and anti-counterfeiting performance is good

  PDF417 barcode has multiple anti-counterfeiting features. It can use password anti-counterfeiting, software encryption and use of information such as fingerprints, photos, etc. for anti-counterfeiting, so it has strong security and anti-counterfeiting performance.

4. High decoding reliability

  The decoding error rate of ordinary barcodes is about 2 parts per million, and the error rate of PDF417 barcodes is less than one ten-thousandth of a million, and the decoding reliability is extremely high.

5. Ability to correct errors

  The PDF417 barcode uses the world's most advanced mathematical error correction theory. If the damage area does not exceed 50%, the barcode can be deciphered as usual due to information lost due to contamination or damage.

6. Easy to make and low cost

  PDF417 2D barcodes can be printed on paper, cards, PVC, and even metal surfaces using existing dot matrix, laser, inkjet, thermal/thermal transfer, and card-making machines. The added cost is only the cost of ink, so PDF417 is also called "zero cost" technology.

7. The shape of the bar code symbol is variable

  With the same amount of information, the shape of the PDF417 barcode can be self-adjusted according to the area of the carrier and the design of the artwork.

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