The definition of Multi Touch Screen

- Jul 02, 2019-


   Multi-touch (also known as multi-touch, multi-touch, multi-inductive, English-to-Multitouch or Multi-Touch) is a technology that is implemented by human-computer interaction technology and hardware devices. It can be used without traditional input devices (such as: Mouse, keyboard, etc.. Under the computer human-computer interaction. Multi-touch technology, which can form a touch screen (screen, desktop, wall, etc.) or touchpad, can simultaneously accept human-computer interaction from multiple points on the screen.

 Multi touch screen pos

   Multi-touchscreen is a multi-point or multi-user interactive operation mode on the same display interface, and the single point operation mode of the keyboard and mouse is abandoned.


   The user can make a single touch with both hands, or touch the screen with different gestures such as clicking, double clicking, panning, pressing, scrolling and rotating, so as to achieve arbitrary control, so as to better understand the relevant features of the object (text, video) , pictures, satellite, 3D simulation and other information).


   According to customer needs, we can customize the touchpad, touch software and multimedia system; it can be used with professional graphics software.

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