The definition of Mobile Card Reader

- Nov 19, 2018-


  Mobile phone card reader, similar to an external card reader, is mainly a tool to read the magnetic stripe card information, through the 3.5mm audio jack to transfer data.

  The mobile phone card reader itself does not have the function of payment. It is necessary to have the software of the payment channel to cooperate with the function of payment and receipt.

  Mobile phone card readers are divided into simple, encrypted, password keyboard, EMV and NFC series.

  Provides a plug-and-swipe function with no credit card limit. Just plug it into the smartphone's audio port and connect to it, you can use balance inquiry, transfer remittance, credit card repayment, bill payment, mobile phone recharge, Alipay payment, Tenpay recharge, purchase game recharge card and many other functions. The card reader can be used on both the Apple iPhone and the Google Android system.

  It is mainly suitable for two scenarios of on-site mobile collection and remote payment. In the on-site mobile collection application scenario, the merchant cashier only needs to insert a card reader on the mobile phone, so that the user can pay for the card and complete the payment. In the remote payment application scenario, the user can insert a quick brush on the mobile phone to directly complete the credit card payment.

  The mobile phone card reader is a card reader product that is easy to carry but easy to lose.

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