The Definition of Handheld Barcode Terminal

- Dec 11, 2018-

  Also known as the Handheld Barcode Terminal (Handheld Barcode Terminal), handheld terminal, handheld computer, it is integrated, mobile, small size, light weight, high performance, and is suitable for handheld. It is a terminal computer device that integrates the bar code scanning device with the data terminal and has a battery that can be operated offline. With real-time acquisition, automatic storage, instant display, instant feedback, automatic processing, automatic transmission. It provides guarantee for the authenticity, validity, real-time and availability of on-site data.

 The inventory machine is a common name for an industry, generally refers to the machine used for warehouse and store inventory. Mainly refers to bar code counting machine and rfid counting machine. The inventory machine can read the commodity barcode or RFID tag information through the laser head to realize the inventory function of the warehouse and the store.

 How to choose a counting machine

Handheld Barcode Terminal

 First, we need to understand what a portable inventory machine is. According to the use of the counting machine, it can be roughly divided into two categories: online inventory machine and portable inventory machine. The online inventory machine can be divided into desktop and wired. Most of them are directly powered by AC power. Generally, they are used independently. The data is transmitted between the inventory machine and the computer by cable connection, and cannot be used offline. There are two ways for such scanners to transfer data to a computer: one is keyboard emulation; the other is to transfer data to a computer through a communication port. For the former, there is no need to supply power separately, and the power is taken from the inside of the computer; the latter needs to be powered separately. Therefore, the online inventory machine must be installed in a fixed position and the bar code symbol must be read before the scanner. At present, some logistics companies have begun to use in the management of the warehouse. Due to the limitations of the scope and use of the online inventory machine, it can not be used in applications that need to be used offline, such as inventory counts, scanning of large items, and so on. In order to make up for the shortcomings of the online inventory machine, a portable inventory machine came into being.

 The portable counting machine is designed to adapt to some field data collection and scanning bar code symbols of bulky objects, suitable for offline use. When reading, contrary to the online inventory machine, it is to scan the scanner before the bar code symbol, so it is also called handheld terminal, inventory machine. It is powered by a battery, and communication with the computer is not simultaneous with scanning. It has its own internal memory, which can store a certain amount of data and transmit it to the computer at the appropriate time. Almost all portable counting machines have certain programming capabilities, and with the application, they can become very powerful special equipment, which can meet the needs of different occasions. More and more logistics companies are turning their attention to portable inventory machines. Some logistics companies in China have used portable inventory machines for warehouse management, transportation management and item tracking.

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