The Definition & Characterics of I Button Function

- Nov 06, 2018-

   IButton is the abbreviation of information button, which is the information button. The information button is a microchip similar to that used in smart cards. However, this microchip is placed in a size of 17.35mm × 3.1mm~5.89mm (different functions and different sizes). Round stainless steel buttons. The information buttons are invented and exclusively produced by Dallas Semiconductor, and are used primarily for equipment and equipment that operate in harsh and demanding environments.


   The iButton is a computer chip packaged in a 16mm thick stainless steel case. Thanks to its unique rugged enclosure, the latest information can be carried anywhere, along with people or objects. In fact, because the steel iButton housing is strong enough to withstand harsh environments indoors or outdoors, the iButton can be installed almost anywhere. The iButton is very compact and lightweight, and can be attached to a key chain, ring, watch or other personal item. It is ideal for controlling access to buildings and computers, asset management and various data records in daily life.

 IButton Pos

   The wide application of iButton also lies in its outstanding features of magnetic cards and IC cards, which are embodied in:


(1) Large storage capacity: The maximum data storage capacity of iButton can reach 64 KB. For example, the DS2506 has 64 KB of EPROM memory, and the DS1996 has 64 KB of NVRAM memory.


(2) Fast speed: When reading and writing data, it only needs to be in light contact with the contact, and it can be completed in an instant, and its transmission rate can reach 142kbps.


(3) High security: Each chip has a globally unique 64-bit serial number, which is laser-engraved on the chip at the factory, and adds a protective layer, which is unforgeable, and any attempt to change the serial number The behavior will cause an error in the CRC check process.


(4) Low cost: The reader used by iButton costs only one hundred yuan, and the maintenance cost is less than 0.01%. iButton has high stability, low failure rate and high performance-price ratio.


(5) Long life: iButton's stainless steel case has a built-in high-performance lithium battery, and its power consumption is very low, which can ensure the storage of its data for more than 10 years. It is used without limit and can be used indefinitely.

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