The correct use of the desktop barcode printer

- Jul 11, 2018-

The correct use of the desktop barcode printer


We know that desktop bar code printers are usually more likely to be used in offices. Whether or not the bar code machine is used correctly in the office has an impact on its cycle. Let's make a good environment for our desktop bar code printer to extend its service life.


1. Use bar code printers in offices to open every day at work and close after work.


2. If the printer is blurred, check whthere there is problem with the print head. If there is no problem, use alcohol cotton to wipe the head in one direction in time, check the ribbon if there are wrinkles and so on.


3. Put the printer in a stable place, because it is impossible to use industrial grade printer in the office, so the anti noise ability is not very strong.


4. Keep the surrounding environment dry, do not put it in damp places to prevent the printer parts from wetting affect the printer's normal work.


5, Please close the bar code printer when changing barcode label paper.


6. bar code printer will automatically report errors when the printer failure, , allowing users to detect problems and solve problems in time.

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