The Configuration of Wireless Barcode Scanner

- May 03, 2018-

The configuration of Wireless barcode scanner 

 1.1D/2D Wireless Bluetooth bi-directional wireless data transmission module.

    2. Plug-n-play, USB receiver automatic pairing, no any driver is needed.

    3. Internally equipped with a large capacity battery is 1.5 times that of ordinary wireless guns, effectively guaranteeing that the time spent by a charging user is longer and more durable

   4. Super transmission distance, 20 meters in the open space (indoors according to the structure of different general 10-20 meters)

   5. Super memory, can store 5000 bar code data.

   6. Intelligent data uploading, which can be used to resume the transmission of breakpoints and upload the latest data.

    7. Zero-power standby technology effectively guarantees longer standby time for a rechargeable battery and extends product life.

Bluetooth Barcode scanner.jpg

Function Description

    1: Storage function; When the effective communication distance is exceeded or interfered with by other signals, the scanner will automatically store the scanned barcode, which effectively guarantees that the barcode data read will not be lost (10-30 million barcode information can be saved).

    2: low battery alarm function; in the process of scanning the barcode or the scanner is turned on immediately enter the standby state, colleagues with continuous light flashing, indicating that the scanner battery voltage is too low, need to charge.

    3: Standby; When the scanner is not used, it will automatically enter standby after 20 seconds.

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