The computer always restarts, how to do

- Apr 15, 2020-

  We, Carav Electronics, the pos handware factory in China, have worked with many software company with nearly 10 years, and can help them to test software compatibility issue, Moreover, we can provide the right configuration and do customized service on handware according software company's requirement.

 Pos hardware device

  When Pos computer always restarts, what can we do? 

  1. Poor heat dissipation of Pos PC can easily cause PC to restart automatically, because the CPU has a self-protection function, when the heat threatens Pos hardware, it will shut down automatically to protect. It is recommended to work Pos in a dry and cool place and ensure that the fan runs normally to ensure Good heat dissipation;

  2. There may be a problem with the pos software, including computer poisoning, and software conflicts or errors. These may allow it to restart automatically. If you want to eliminate software problems, you can first remove the virus and then reduce its running on the pos machine. Run its software tentatively to see under what circumstances restarts automatically, or try to reinstall the system;

  3. Due to the unstable voltage and insufficient power supply, it will often cause pos computer abnormalities. If it is caused by these reasons, configure a voltage regulator and replace it with a high-power power supply.

  4. Memory problems will also cause pos system to restart automatically. Memory errors are generally poor contact or damaged memory.

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