The Composition of Pos Systems

- Apr 19, 2019-

The pos cash register machine is composed of: barcode reader, Pos terminal machine, Pos keyboard, thermal receipt printer, customer display, , cash drawer box, and Magnetic card reader.

 Pos point of sale

The features of Pos all in one:


Accept the barcode input by the barcode reader, find the relevant content of the commodity, such as the product name, unit price, etc. according to the barcode in the commodity database in the cash register memory, and calculate the actual total amount of the sale.


The customer will see the price of the item they purchased on the customer display.

The cash drawer open and put the income payment, completes the work of changing the collection, and prints the receipt


Handling various promotional features that have been set up in advance: discounts, discounts, promotions, corrections, cancellations, checks, returns, and more. The sales information is transmitted to the back-end computer center host through the network, and inventory reduction and gross profit calculation are performed.

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