The Common problems of thermal transfer label printers

- Jun 27, 2019-

    In the process of using a thermal transfer label printer, there are more or less problems, such as printed barcodes or labels are not clear, and the printed effect is uneven. The printer can't be used normally, it is very anxious! In fact, you think that a very serious printer failure, some just do not know how to deal with it. Jiabo Technology Xiaobian summarizes the common faults of thermal transfer label printers and their solutions. Help you bid farewell to the white road!

   Q: Install the driver, print blank? A: Label paper: Please check if the ribbon is installed correctly and the paper specification is correct. Black label paper: you need to set the paper specifications in the driver, change the sensor mode to black mark, and then re-open the software to print.

   Q: How to set the thermal transfer label printer to boot without paper? A: Turn off the printer, open the small baffle at the bottom of the printer, and pull the DIP switch No. 5 to ON.

   Q: Is it uneven on both sides of the print? A: The print head is not covered. Please open the print head, press and hold the middle of the print head, cover the print head with a little force, and hear the crisp sound.

   Q: The printed barcode is not scanned by the scanner? A: Please check if the printed barcode is missing, misaligned or blurred. Due to the uneven quality of the scanning guns on the market, the ability of individual scanners to interpret bar code types is poor. It is recommended to purchase scanners with strong bar code and high sensitivity.

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