The common problems and solutions of Pos barcode scanner

- May 29, 2018-

The common problems and solutions of Pos barcode scanner


1. Description of the problem: The laser is always on

Possible reason: Scanned the manual setting bar code into a constant light mode

Solution: restore the factory settings and return the manufacturer for repairing


2. Description of the problem: scanner can scan, normal beeping, but no data transmission.

Possible causes: The scanner is set incorrectly; the wire is bad

Solution: Refer to the instruction manual to ensure that the corresponding data line is set correctly.


3. Description of the problem: After reading the serial cable, there is no data transmission for reading.

Possible cause: There is no serial port mode setting or communication protocol error.

Solution: Scan serial port mode is set to serial port mode and re-set to the correct communication protocol.


4. Description of the problem: Scanner reading is normal, but there is no beep.

Possible reason: Set to mute

Solution: Scan the buzzer “ON” setting.


5. Description of the problem: The scanner is turned on normally, and the laser is not read.

Possible causes: Corresponding bar code system is closed or the bar code is damaged or the quality of the printing is defective. The hardware is faulty and the electronic components on the motherboard are bad.

Solution: Turn on the corresponding barcode symbology and carefully check whether the barcode is damaged and whether the barcode is the same as other barcodes. Check the printer's mode and change the printer settings.


6. Description of the problem: The computer does not recognize the USB device when it crashes after scanning a barcode or when using a USB cable.

Possible cause: Bad cable causes data transmission failure and bad USB device.

Solution: Find a dealer to purchase a replacement wire.


7. Description of the problem: After the device is connected, the LED flashes, there is no sound, and it cannot be scanned.

Possible cause: The internal IC of the scanner is defective.

Solution: Return to manufacturer for repairing.


8. Description of the problem: Scanning is normal and the keyboard cannot be used

Possible cause: Scanner internal IC bad burnout

Solution: Return to manufacturer for repair

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