The clothes you bought have rfid labels. Do you need to cut them off?

- May 01, 2019-

Clothes for girls are never enough, they can't help but buy and buy.

 In the newly bought clothes, you will find a larger label. There is no clear information on it, but it contains RFID chips, which contain more information.

Through the light, you can see the antenna chip inside, that is an RFID tag.

Now that many brands have RFID tags, do they need to be cut? Is there any effect here?

The role of RFID tags is extremely important for merchants. In a huge warehouse, every piece of clothing is counted and managed, which is very time consuming and hard. With the RFID tag, you can record the process from the production to the end of the consumer with a single reader. Regardless of the material, date of manufacture, to the try-on crowd and try-on time, can be recorded in detail. It not only facilitates the inventory of the merchants, but also provides the merchant with data on the degree of the clothing audience, which is convenient for the merchant to carry out further marketing programs.

When it is not yet sold, it can also be used for theft prevention, so as not to be taken care of by the minded person.

For consumers, we can know the source of the clothes from above, is it genuine? Can you know where the clothes are going?

So after the purchase, can the label be cut off?

This can be handled according to consumer preferences.

Warm reminder, remember to read the information inside, and then deal with it! So as not to be deceived by others!

RFID label

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