The classification of IPS panel

- Nov 29, 2017-

The classification of IPS panel


S-ips panel:

S-ips panel is the original IPS panel, with 8bit display color output, so this panel display color is very high, and the parts are more specialized, but its cost is high. The appearance of the S-ips panel changes the alignment of the liquid crystal molecules, and also changes the branch of the electrode. If no voltage is applied on the screen, the liquid crystal molecule will not turn over, and the light will not pass through the screen. When the voltage is applied, the liquid crystal molecules will turn over, allowing light to pass through, which can greatly enhance the visual angle of the screen, and can display up to 16777216 colors.


H-ips panel:

This panel is later than the original IPS display panel, it is LGD in the transfer of Hitachi S-ips technology successfully developed LGD, S-ips technology is gradually developed based on this display screen. H-ips is focused on a new improved screen panel S-ips in the original perspective, contrast and large angle purple and other issues. It can greatly improve the display response time of the screen, and reduce the problem of color drift, improve the color recovery ability of the screen, and enhance the color effect of the screen.


E-ips panel:

E-ips is actually an economic version of H-ips and a super simplified display panel, which has no substantial differences in imaging principles and foundations. But E-ips not only has all the advantages of IPS, but also has a more powerful response speed, more excellent display effect. In addition, the E-ips panel itself is not easy to produce a larger indentation on the surface, and its color will be more sharp in the work, the phenomenon of image delay will rarely appear. But it has fewer colors, and it can show about 262144 colors, which is its direct short board.



AH-IPS (Advanced High Performance IPS) came into the market in 2011. Compared with the high-end H-IPS, AH-IPS substantially reduced the cost. The liquid crystal pixel realizes smaller distance between the pixels, and strengthens the light transmittance of the panel.



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