The Characteristic of LED and CCFL Backlight

- Feb 26, 2019-


   CCFL's full name is Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp, which is filled with inert gas (including some mercury vapor). It has a phosphor layer on the inner wall. It looks like a fluorescent tube. It looks like a neon in the city. , installed into the LCD display structure

CCFL backlight screen advantages:

Low cost, simple manufacturing process and mature technology.

CCFL backlight screen disadvantages:

Short life (fast aging), low luminous efficiency (power consumption), low brightness uniformity, low color purity, poor color gradation, environmental protection, large volume, high driving voltage, and low impact resistance (see the big bulb in the picture) I know that I am not resistant to falling.)


  WLED is called White Light Emitting Diode. White LED is an alternative to CCFL backlight. There is not much improvement in technology. When the display backlight is changed to LED, it will save power (about 20% less than CCFL). Power), long life and impact resistance.

WLED backlight screen advantages:

Low driving voltage, long life, small size, light weight, good color gradation, more uniform brightness, more environmental protection and impact resistance.

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