The Categories of Industrial Lcd Monitor

- Mar 29, 2019-

  Industrial-grade displays dominate the ability to adapt to the environment. Industrial LCD panel not only have a long service life, but also can be used smoothly in the face of extreme environments. In most cases, they are used in industrial environments where the environment is changing. .


What are the categories of fine industrial LCD monitors?


1. Open frame LCD display

 Open frame Touch Monitor

The ability of this type of display to adapt to the environment is very strong. For example, the ATM machine that everyone will meet is a kind of industrial liquid crystal display. It is usually placed in the same area as the bank. The area occupied by the whole display is very limited. However, the body connected to the bank port is relatively large, and the configuration of the whole body is relatively strong.


2, wall-mounted pos lcd monitor


This kind of display does not occupy any space on the ground. It can be hung on most upright objects. The wall or equipment can be equipped with a display. Its main feature is that it is not affected by ground factors, and the displayed numbers or Chinese characters are at A clearer level ensures that the viewer recognizes the content on the display at first glance.


3, rack-mounted industrial LCD Monitor


This type of display is completely different from the open type. It is wrapped in an equal-sized case, which is equivalent to a protective function. It is directly connected to the power supply, and is very compact and portable. It will be installed directly on the user's device, as is the case with large power or medical industries.

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