The Benifit of Programmable Keyboards

- Nov 22, 2018-

   Now that programmable keyboards are popular at major checkouts, why are programmable keyboards popular? Let's take a look at the benefits of pos keyboards.

   The main one: security

   Using a programmable keyboard generally does not define the Backspace and Delete keys on the keyboard, so that the cashier knows which file is the file that is stored offline, and there is no way to delete the file using the keys defined by the keyboard. Of course, the maintainer needs to maintain the machine. You must have an external keyboard.

What are the benefits of Pos programmable keyboard? 

Pos keyboards

  Another major factor: easy to apply

   The keyboard can generally be swiped with a card slot. If the store uses a dedicated line to connect with UnionPay "soft bank", then the bank card can be completed on the POS machine through the programmable keyboard, and the bank POS machine will disappear from the cash register forever.

   In addition,the front desk can't use more than one hundred keys, and the more is purely occupied. The programmable keyboard occupies a small area. Relatively speaking, each key has a larger tapping area, like the settlement key. Frequent keys can also be combined into one button, and the              programmable keyboard has a long key stroke and a good feel. It can reduce the keystroke fatigue compared with the general keyboard. In addition, the programmable keyboard generally has a key cap, which is easier to mark on the key. The functional meaning represented by each key.

Programmable keyboard

The advantages are as follows:

1. Independent template, independent accessories, make its products irreplaceable, increase sales profit

2. Special spare parts, professional design, respond to the repeated operation characteristics of collection, increase research and development in key parts, and make investment clear.

4. According to the needs of different customers, change the key function in time, and shield sensitive keys.

This requires several features of the receiving keyboard design:

1. Easy to disassemble, clean the surface, and freely change the key text

2. Mechanical wear parts should be durable

3. Electrical circuit design should be stable and reliable

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