the application of all in one touch POS machine

- Jun 24, 2019-

The previous POS machines required some external devices to implement their own related functions, such as some common input devices like keyboards and mice, but now the devices are available on the touch POS machine. The POS machine can not only support the related input of the mouse and keyboard, but also support the input of the hand touch, which greatly saves the related operation time, and some major operational procedures, the principle for the POS machine is to mount a touch screen on the surface of the display. Therefore, the sensing of the input signal such as touch can be received, then the internal circuit can be converted into a corresponding signal, like the way the built-in software system responds to realize the operation.

POS Terminal

POS machines are mainly used in the following scenarios: catering industry, such as hotels, restaurants, fast food restaurants, coffee shops, bread, pastry shops, retail, commercial streets, boutiques, department stores, cosmetics stores, high-end barbershops, leisure and entertainment industries. : Sauna, water club, night club, theme park, casino, lottery.

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