The application of resistive touch screen

- Oct 09, 2017-

The resistive touch screen is a sensor that converts the physical position of the touch point (X, Y) in the rectangular area to the voltage representing the X and Y coordinates. Many LCD modules use the resistive touch screen. This kind of screen can be used four lines, five lines, seven lines or eight lines to produce the screen bias voltage, meanwhile reading back the touch point voltage.

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The touch screen is composed of an inductive liquid crystal display device which can receive the touch head or other touch action signal. When the sensor receive the touch signal, the entire touch device will implement different instructions according to the preparation program to achieve the user's touch intention. This technology replace the traditional mechanical button device, adding to the LCD screen can get a very vivid picture of the screen and operation enjoyment, was welcomed by more and more people.


Touch screen technology first appeared in some industrial and commercial equipment, such as POS terminals, elevator buttons and so on. Touch screen technology make a large extent convenient in man-machine interaction, and the touch screen itself is very durable, all these features make touch screen technology has a great application and development.


Using touch screen technology, users only need click on the corresponding finger touch pattern, then it can solve the complicated problems in the past. As the introduction of i Phone in recent years, it stimulates the development of touch-screen related industries, touch screen technology has also been applied in different products. With the repid development of mobile Internet, cloud computing and other technologies, people have more serious requirements to touch screen technology. We believe that touch screen technology will appear in more and more  different electronic products.

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