The Application of Portable Thermal Printer

- Jan 04, 2019-

    Portable Thermal printers are mainly used for printing tickets in various outdoor and non-fixed workplaces. After 20 years of universal printing in fixed office places, people who work outdoors will soon discard handwritten receipts and popularize printing because of the birth of the product. 

   There are many people working in outdoor and non-fixed places, such as traffic police, urban management law enforcement, industrial and commercial law enforcement, and other law enforcement personnel in the government departments, financial industry such as vehicle damage detectors, bank demobilization staff, meter readers of public utilities, equipment Inspectors, more of which are logistics companies, except for a small number of managers, most work in outdoor and non-fixed workplaces.

mobile thermal receipt printer

   Wireless Portable printers print a variety of on-site documents, such as traffic police tickets, various on-site law enforcement documents, vehicle loss orders, cash delivery orders, meter reading notices, delivery orders, on-site orders, etc.

Typical use of mobile printers: government law enforcement

Typical us: logistics and distribution

Typical use : deep distribution

Typical use : four tickets on the train

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