The Application of Handheld Pos Terminal

- Aug 02, 2018-

Tthe Application of Handheld Pos Terminal

Handheld Android POS machines are also called mobile sales points, mobile POS machines, wireless POS machines, batch processing POS machines, and mobile sales in various industries.


1. Mobile POS machines are used in different industries with different classifications and different names.

2. Financial industry, POS credit card machine, POS terminal settlement, UnionPay POS machine

Book industry: book mobile sales POS machine, book collector, book inventory machine, book inventory, book checker, book check machine 1.

3. Supermarket industry: supermarket mobile POS machine, supermarket inventory machine, supermarket inventory device.

4. Pharmaceutical industry: pharmacy mobile POS machine, drug inventory machine, drug collector, inventory device, etc.

5. Apparel industry: clothing mobile POS machine, clothing inventory machine, etc.

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