The Application of Bluetooth Wireless Printer

- Aug 02, 2018-

The Application of Bluetooth Wireless Printer

Bluetooth printer is the application of Bluetooth technology on the printer, to get rid of the inconvenience caused by the connection of the printer, to achieve wireless printing, can reduce the unpleasant cable on the desktop, also can move the printer away from the host, swing Place it in a suitable location in the room.

     Currently, it has many printer products on the market, while Bluetooth printers are relatively few. The so-called Bluetooth printer means that the printer is simulated by a single-chip computer on the host side, the data and control signals transmitted from the parallel port of the host are intercepted and transmitted to the printer through the Bluetooth wireless connection. The single-chip microcomputer on the printer side simulates the host to control the printer according to the received Bluetooth data, thereby realizing the Bluetooth wireless connection between the printer and the host. Since most mobile devices (mobile phones, notebooks, and tablets) have Bluetooth chips, they can be quickly identified without the need for a data cable connection, which is easy to operate and convenient to connect.


According to the size of the machine can be divided into: desktop Bluetooth printer, portable Bluetooth printer (handheld mobile printer).

According to the printing method, it can be divided into: Bluetooth Dot matrix impact printer and bluetooth thermal printer.


Bluetooth technology specifications are globally unified. Bluetooth printers can be widely used in member software, reading membership card numbers, police, government affairs, environmental protection, health, testing, and other mobile printing output.

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