The Application for outdoor Pos Touch Screen

- Oct 15, 2018-

      Although the all-weather outdoor touch all-in-one started late in China, as an emerging outdoor advertising industry, it is deeply loved by consumers and enterprises with clear images, realistic images and vivid display effects. As a result, the main application industries of outdoor touch PCs have developed rapidly as follows.


1. Commercial street


    There are a lot of outdoor advertising PC installed in commercial streets. As we all know, commercial streets, as the name implies, are the places where consumers usually spend their leisure time. Most of them come with a relaxed and consumption mindset. So, this Advertising at the time is the most effective. Among the many advertising channels, the outdoor touch All in one PC is the most eye-catching and visually stunning.


 2. Bus stop


    The Pos touch screen installed on the bus station is characterized by wide contact surface and high coverage, and can select a route or region according to the target audience. At the same time, because waiting for the bus is a boring thing, your ad can add a color to it and increase the advertising effect.


3. The airport


    The device is equipped with an pos computer around the airport. It is generally aimed at high-level audiences, such as business and travellers. They love and pursue the most extreme things. Traditional light boxes, signboards, etc. can’t enter them. "False eyes", outdoor touch one machine because of its high-definition highlights, beautiful pictures, superb technology, interactive love is very popular, such high-tech products can often catch their eye, so that their ads reach advertising effect.


4. Train station


    The touch screen desktop installed in the railway station has been the main target for passengers from all over the world. It is characterized by high traffic and covering nearby areas. Similar to the station class, the best results are delivered. It is necessary to seize the opportunity in advance.


5. Community reading column

    In the reading column to open up advertising positions, we call it a newspaper column advertisement. It has the same nature as pedestrian advertising, mainly used in communities, smart cities, etc. People often come and go, and they will take a glance at dynamic advertisements. Community information promotion, service flow, rent, job hunting, etc. can all be displayed on it. .


6. Scenic parks


    As a regional tourist attraction, the scenic spot park is unfamiliar to the surrounding environment of the scenic spot. You can use the outdoor touch integrated machine to self-check the route navigation and surrounding service information. Display the traffic guide through the newspaper interactive multimedia platform, traffic restrictions and convenience. Convenient traffic information such as transportation, bus routes, urban traffic, accommodation, airport flights, train schedules, etc.


7. School

      The pc touchscreen machine provided by the school has increased the hobby of students. Through the human-computer intelligent interactive display screen, the school culture, the park profile, the staff introduction, the map navigation, the video broadcast of the festival activities, the excellent student exhibition broadcast, etc. are further improved. The overall image of the school.

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