The application field of industrial PDA?

- Feb 14, 2019-

1. Logistics Express

It can be used to collect and dispatch transport bill data, transfer/warehouse data, scan express bar code, and transmit the transport bill information directly to the back-end server through the 3G module. At the same time, it can realize the query of relevant business information and other functions.

2. Logistics Distribution

Typical tobacco distribution, warehouse inventory and postal distribution are worth developing, including terminal distribution of major commodity manufacturers, drug distribution, in-plant logistics of large factories, and warehouse-to-warehouse transportation of logistics companies.

3. Data Acquisition of Chain Stores/Stores/Stores

It can be used to collect and transmit data such as purchase, sale, storage, inventory, adjustment, withdrawal, subscription and membership management. It can also realize inventory of stores.

4. Shoe and clothing order meeting

Based on WIFI wireless communication technology, the order data can be wirelessly transmitted to the back-end order meeting system by scanning barcode of the PDA handheld terminal in Seibang. At the same time, the function of inquiry, statistics and analysis can be realized.

5. Card Management

Used to manage various IC cards and contactless IC cards, such as ID cards, membership cards, etc. As the name implies, card management is to manage all kinds of contact/non-contact IC cards, so the main expansion function of the scanner used is contact/non-contact IC card reading and writing.

6. Bill Management

It is used to collect data of ticket checking units such as cinema ticket, train ticket and scenic spot ticket.

7. Three Meter Reading

In the foreseeable future, this is a relatively large market. The integrated extended functions of the three meter meter reading machine are mainly power infrared, bar code scanning and data communication, etc.

8. Mobile Government, Mobile Police

When the scientific and technological police is not only a slogan, the scientific and technological content of police equipment is getting higher and higher. Traffic police, patrol police and criminal police in particular have begun to equip mobile data equipment. The equipments of handheld terminals provide police with more powerful tools to implement police affairs. In addition to police affairs, health, urban management, taxation and other administrative departments have begun to try to use handheld terminals to regulate administrative business, while improving administrative efficiency.

The main functions of handheld terminals used in mobile policing are GPRS/CDMA data, voice communication, IC card reading and writing, and fingerprint acquisition and comparison may be needed in the future.

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