The Answers to some common problems of POS System

- Nov 18, 2020-

The Answers to some common problems of POS System

1. Press the power switch on the panel of the machine, why can't the machine start without power on?

Please check whether your machine is connected to the 220V power supply, whether it is powered on, and whether the plug is properly connected. After making sure that the connection is correct, check whether the power cord behind the host is plugged in tightly and connected intact, and it is in a normal state.

2. Why doesn't the monitor show anything after power on?

First check if the monitor data cable is correctly connected to the VGA port of the motherboard, if the monitor power light is on, shut down and restart again, you can change the monitor to try, if the problem persists, please contact the relevant technical personnel.

3. Why doesn't the customer display screen show? How to judge that the customer display card is in a normal state?

The display of the customer screen requires the support of your POS/MIS software. Check whether the cable is connected wrongly or loosely, plug it in again, check whether the serial port is selected correctly, the customer display screen shows 0.00 after starting the machine, whether it is in a normal state can be judged by the test software, if there is no test software, you can Download the LED8N test software from our company website to test.

If there are numbers on the customer's display screen, it is in the normal receiving state. At this time, if the POS system software still does not display or the display is incorrect, please contact the software supplier.

4. The keyboard cannot be used after booting?

First check whether the keyboard cable is plugged in, turn off and then unplug it. If it still does not work, try another PC keyboard to see if the motherboard interface is broken. If you are sure that the keyboard is broken, please contact your dealer.

5. The receipt printer has power and the status is normal, but the receipt is not printed when receiving payment? Do you want to install the driver?

The receipt printer also needs POS system software support. Whether the POS system software you use supports the receipt printing provided by Jicheng Company, please consult the POS system software supplier.

As for whether you need to install the driver, you should understand that the POS system software you are using uses the command method to print the receipt. If you are printing in command mode, you do not need to install the driver. The POS system software developer has written the receipt printer command into the POS software. If the software does not have its own driver, you must manually install the driver to print the receipt normally. Installation method: Click "Add Printer" in the control panel, and then select the file directory where the driver is located. Follow the prompt steps to complete the installation. In another way, click SETUP.EXE in the built-in CD to install, click "Next, select the appropriate driver" to complete the driver installation. The receipt printer driver provided by Jicheng Technology can be You can find it in the CD or download it from the website. After installing the driver, print a test page first. If the test page can be printed normally, the printer is fine and you need to debug the software. If you can’t print a test page, you can try using a different printer data cable (the distance between the printer data cable should not exceed 5 meters), if changing the cable does not work, self-check the printer (method: turn off the printer switch, press and hold the front paper feed Hold down the key, press for 3-5 seconds, and then turn it on again. At this time, the printer will display some self-check information) If the printed information is garbled or paper does not come out at all, it means there is a problem inside the printer, please send it to the supplier for repair.

6. Why doesn't the cash drawer of the cash register pop up automatically?

Generally, the cash drawer of the cash register is driven by the receipt printer. First, observe whether the guide rail of the cash drawer is deformed or stuck. It is difficult to close the cash drawer after it is opened. Check whether the foam in the cash drawer is taken out. If the foam has been taken out, check whether the guide rail of the cash drawer is deformed. Check whether the drive signal cable between the cash drawer and the receipt printer is correctly connected. through. If the cash drawer you are using is in the third position, the lock position is locked and cannot be automatically opened. Please adjust it to the state where the keyhole is perpendicular to the horizontal plane. In addition, the automatic opening of the cash drawer is also related to the POS system software. , Check whether the POS system software is adjusted properly and whether it can be opened manually. If it can be opened manually, please directly set the printer to drive the cash drawer. If it can be ejected, please contact your POS system software supplier for debugging.

7. Why is the network disconnected or intermittently good?

Check whether the network cable is well connected or disconnected, whether the network card light is on, whether the crystal head is damaged, whether the switch is working normally, you can change the network cable and try again.

8. Why can't the machine pass the power-on self-test?

Solution: Power off, shut down, re-plug, connect the keyboard and mouse, and restart the machine. If it still fails to pass the power-on self-test, please contact the relevant technical personnel.

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